Nad-Associates commitment to placing safety first is confirmed by our
safety performance.

We provide continuous training and development of safety controls to ensure all work is being performed using the best safe work practices.
A constant objective of Nad-Associates safety plan is to establish a consistent company and site-wide approach to worker protection by incorporating safety and health into our day-to-day work activities.

Employees are encouraged to participate in all discussions and aspects on continued safety and health concerns.
We have a demonstrated safety performance over the last five years which exceeds the statistical standards of contracts similar in nature.

1.5.1 Notification of Incidents

Nad-Associates will immediately notify the main contractor of any incidents no matter how small and will follow-up with
a written report within 24 hours.

These incidents would include such items as injuries to employees, damage to NAD-ASSOCIATES or the main contractor
equipment, or any fires.

NAD -ASSOCIATES incident reports specify at a minimum such items as:

  • Where did the incident happen.
  • Who witnessed the incident.
  • Who was involved in the incident.
  • What happened.
  • When did it happen.
  • How did the incident occur.
  • Resolution Action Taken to handle the incident.

1.5.2 Disposal and Clean Up

NAD -ASSOCIATES employees and subcontractors are presented with instruction and understand the proper disposal methods of such generated items as waste filters, parts, lube oil, metal, garbage etc.
We will provide all machinery, equipment, materials, labor, and supervision to safely collect, transport and properly dispose the items.

Any spills that may containment the ground will be immediately reported to the Site Manager, Safety Advisor and the main
contractor designated represented. The spill will be cleaned up in the most timely manner possible using appropriate cleaning agents for the type of spill.

All safety measures will be used including the use of proper protective clothing such as disposable
gloves and protective glasses. All clean up materials will be strictly handled and in accordance with proper disposal      methods.

Proper safety equipment such as fire extinguishers will be provided (as authorized by The main contractor site regulations) with the understanding of the proper use in the event of initial flash-up or fires.


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